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Dr. Prabhu. specializes in cosmetic dentistry, taking pride in offering the finest in patient care and services to each and every patient. He is determined to give you the smile you deserve! In fact, some of the most beautiful smiles in electronic media and tollywood have come through our doors. Dr. Prabhu provides a cosmetic look that's you and you alone. Even the most subtle difference in tooth size, shape, texture, and color can be part of your overall look. Dr. Prabhu considers your gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, so your smile reflects who you are.

Dr. Prabhu knows that there are a variety of ways to maintain positive oral care and a fresh image, which guides his commitment in helping patients meet their needs. Top procedures and treatments offered at our Oro care include porcelain veneers, dental implants, whitening dentistry, and dental bonding. We hold high standards of health, striving to make your visit with us comfortable, secure, and memorable.

The entire staff of Dr.Prabhu shares his philosophy and commitment to provide you with excellence in cosmetic dentistry with the highest level of service. We build long-lasting dental relationships one smile at a time and we take great pride in helping you achieve your dream smile.
Doctors Team
Dr. Prabhu is proud of every member of his professional team. The staff of ORO CARE Family Dentistry is friendly, warm and caring. Every member of our team is committed to excellence in the treatment they provide. We pledge to provide you the best possible treatment in an utmost professional manner.
A Note from Our Caring Team
On every appointment, you'll be guided by a supportive team who seeks to provide a unique patient-centered experience. Our goal is to make every step of the way delightful. Entire team of Dr. Prabhu's office will focus on you as an individual. You will be treated with respect, empathy, and tender loving care. And, we will make certain you are welcomed into a friendly environment. Your visit will be unlike any dental-care experience you've had. We think you'll find that our collaboration will lead, ultimately, to a wonderful difference in your oral health.
Success of our dental team relies on the contributions of every team player, including you - The Patient.
Dr.Suneeta Sheetty ( M.D.S) Prosthodontist Dr. Ram Mohan (M.D.S) Endodontist
Dr.Madhu Vasepalli ( M.D.S ) Pediatric Dentist Dr.V.Subash ( M.D.S ) Orthodontist
Dr.G.Prasad Reddy ( M.D.S ) Oral Surgeon Dr.A.Vijay Kumar ( M.D.S ) Oral Surgeon
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