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How to Arrange An Appointment?

Kindly Follow The Steps Below:

Step 1 - Send an inquiry or email

Kindly send us the photo of your teeth or any kind of X-ray or any report from a dentist through an email so that we can send an estimate treatment plan with the duration. Even if you do not have any of the above, kindly send us an email with your query so that we are able to give you the estimate treatment required. After we receive the enquiry we will get back to you within 24hrs.

Step 2 - Booking flight and arranging accommodation.

Kindly book the flights and inform us the traveling dates so that we can arrange the appointment date and time. We can also arrange the Hotel alliances on corporate rates and within your budget Kindly see the section of accommodation in our homepage

Step 3

Kindly send us an email with your flight detail so that we can provide the free limo pick up service from the airport to the clinic.

Step 4

As soon as we receive the confirmed traveling dates, you will receive the reconfirmation of the appointment. If you need to talk directly with our staff prior to your visit, kindly give us your contact number and request for the phone call. Our staff will give you a call within 24hrs. We will provide you with complimentarypick up service back and forth, so kindly do not worry for the transportation.

Hope the above information will be a help for you to arrange the appointment with
Dr. A Prabhu International Dental Center.