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Siddhar Susara

Having done eight Crown by Dr. Prabhu, I still remember the professional excellent Service rendered. I am very satisfied with the Work and can only recommend his Clinic to Anybody interested in Dental Services. Siddhar Susara from Austria...:)

Ganesh Mulajker

Dr Prabhu is undoubtedly the best known dental surgeon I have come across. With his extensive knowledge of various cases he had handled in past I had no problems while he treated me. Highly recommended for anyone...

Namrata Rakkasagi

I am from Bangalore, was on a office trip to Hyderbad. Had a root canal issue. My colleague suggesed mr Oro care. Dr. Prabhu is a very good, friendly. He made sure I was comfortable and kept checking on the status of my pain till I was there in Hyderbad. I highly recommend Oro care.

Virender singh Jina

  • Good experience and thanks to whole team of Doctor Prabhu.
  • Must say prices is very reasonable with good services.
  • So i will suggest to other also.

Neeraj Patil

Oro Care is a fantastic dental institute and the staff are very courteous and friendly.

Response from the owner3

Thank you Dr. Neeraj Patil.

  • I would like to intruduce
  • Dr. Neeraj Patil MBBS, FRCS, MRCS, FCEM
  • Former Mayor of The London Borough of Lambeth
  • Chairman of The Lambeth Basaveshwara Foundation
  • Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine
  • National General Secretary of The Ethnic Minority Task Force, The Labour party
  • National Executive Committee of BAME Labour